26 Aug 2017/Saturday

As if the struggles for Kashmiri women were not enough, that another young, techie turned radical Zakir Musa slammed Kashmiri Muslims as spineless, fanatically demanding his supporters to implement ‘Sharia’ and other Islamic laws in Kashmir to protect women, going the Taliban way. Trying to take advantage of the rising fanaticism in the state he has been releasing video and audio messages for the youth of Kashmir on social media urging them to propogate ‘Wahhabism’ in Kashmir. From killings, burnings, multiple-forced marriages, depression to verbal-emotional abuses and  rapes  these women have succumbed to a very deplorable lifestyle for a really long time now. As per sources, J&K state commission for women receives 1,000 to 1,500 complaints of domestic violence annually. These figures which are conservative estimates, considering that many women are silent about their sufferings reveal that every single day, over five Kashmiri women endure sexual or physical assault or abuse. Srinagar tops the list of districts with the highest number of domestic violence cases.

What is saddening is that while the women in Kashmir are already undergoing mental trauma; with majority embracing widowhood as fallout of “jihad”, they have also been burdened with the responsibility of bread winners in their families. Sadly, this socio- economic transition in their roles is also making the radicalized men folk uneasy,   fearing their hold weakening on the so far domesticated Kashmiri women.  And thus, Musa’s call for Sharia for Kashmiri women. When the Muslim women in India had just breathed a sigh of relief after the ban on triple talaaq, termed as an unconstitutional practice, that’s when their own skin and blood, the self proclaimed messengers of Allah are garnering support to dig “another graveyard in their own backyard” for their women.

Is the educated and the not so educated populace of Kashmir blinded to the atrocities ISIS has inflicted upon Muslim women under the cover of fight for Islam. That’s exactly what Musa is calling for in Kashmir to further reduce the status of women to just a source of bodily pleasure and comfort.  Do the Kashmiri’s want a similar fate for their already grieving wife, mother, sisters or daughters? Then why support such fanatics? It’s about time that the youth of Kashmir learns to differentiate between the good and the bad, to bring about deep and fundamental changes totally shunning the racist approach towards their own women.

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