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PML-N hell Bent upon Dividing Kashmir: Lateef Akbar.
The PPP President of PoK chapter, Chudhary Lateef Akbar has said that Raja Farooq Haider Khan was made PM of PoK on the condition of making Gilgit Baltistan a formal province of Pakistan. In a direct reference to incumbent PM the PPP president said, “While in opposition he kept harping on the territorial identity of the State but after becoming PM the same person was seen spearheading the campaign intended to divide Kashmir”. Lateef was of the view that the PML-N was hell bent upon to divide the state. “Nothing can be expected from them, tomorrow they will say that CPEC’s route will go through PoK and therefore it should be converted into a province’’. Regarding PML-N government’s choice for presidential candidate he said that it was quite astonishing to note that the person who did not even have an identity card of PoK was made president of the State. Akbar also criticized the Pak PM silence over the plight of Kashmiris. He said that on one hand Kashmiris are fighting for Azadi while on the other Pak premier was doing business deals with Modi. He said that all know about Raja Farooq Haider that whose’ loyal he was? He said that in order to become PM, Raja Farooq Haider Khan had blackmailed Sardar Attque Ahmed Khan in 2009. Choudhary said that when a crane lifted a vehicle with Mrs. Sharif in favour of Pervez Musharraf in Muzaffarabad.

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