Pakistan Be Ware


On scams by China in Africa, Rev. Mwamalanga, an economist and human rights activist had stated that “China is not a reliable partner. It will abandon Africa as soon as its needs are met. China is not a philanthropist but rather manoeuvring to woo and buy the African good will,” He argues that by pursuing and practicing non-interference policy, China is indirectly destroying the democratic dispensation in Africa which will eventually lead to massive corruption and human rights violations among other woes. He accuses China for grabbing exclusively huge natural resources while dumping only sub-standard products in Africa, emphasizing that the only motive behind Chinese activities in Africa is to serve its own national interests.

Ghana is one of the victims.

China Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation (CHCEGC),  CHCEGC was awarded the rural electrification project in Ghana (Africa), which has over the years been embroiled in controversies. The report on the project by the Auditor General of Ghana revealed that the national electrification project, which cost the taxpayers of Ghana millions of dollars, was executed with substandard poles and leaking transformers. The nationwide audit by the Auditor General’s Department had revealed lots of shoddy work, poor project supervision, and underhand dealings in the execution of the project. It was also discovered that statistics on projects in the rural electrification project are misleading especially the projects have not been completed yet classified as completed and vice versa.


Maldives is yet another victim of China.

Toll on the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge will be collected by the China for the next 20 years, without a share of penny for the Maldives Govt. This means that the people of Maldives will be at the mercy of China for using the bridge. Also, the maintenance cost, after the completion of the project, will be borne entirely by the Maldivian Govt. And to add to this, the loan of interest for the project is levied by China @5%, whereas the same loan could have been taken from World Bank @1.5%. But, in spite of lower interest rates given by World Bank, China forced Maldives to be chosen to be the lender.


Do Pakistanis find any similarity with CPEC.

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